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How can E-Learning help students become technologically sound?

From the last few years, especially, since the emergence of covid 19, E-learning is quickly replacing the traditional ways of education, paving a way for a more advanced and technologically savvy generation. Being the accommodator of everyone’s necessities it has been adding great value to our learning by expanding our vision and providing us with unlimited sources of research and training in a self-customized learning process. All this convenience is just for the sake of a good internet facility and some other tech gadgets.


Alternatively known as electronic learning, E-learning incorporates a variety of interactive digital methods such as video, audio, 3D presentations, online texts, etc, making it faster and easier to learn.


We were more accustomed to technology today than ever before through "Electronic Learning", along with providing us with an endless amount of information. Transitioning traditional education to online or hybrid modes made us more comfortable with utilizing AI in our everyday lives. From scribbling in our notebooks to managing everything online in MS or google apps, pdf files, digital audio, and video, we can say we all have come a long way. Blogging being one of the oldest interactive platforms is still blooming under the light of digital learning, every other student is maintaining his blog creating an interactive online space for thousands and millions of others. 


From simple surfing on the internet to the use of advanced technologies like cloud-based learning, Virtual and Augmented reality, etc. the trends of E-Learning are ever changing and contemporary, making us learn the new normal on its way. Even a primary class student is now aware of browsing, making himself self-learned and independent in many other ways. Along with all this, gamification learning is also increasing at a steep rate making the learning process fun and letting us brainstorm new ideas.


The era of digital learning is encouraging students to maintain their records in online mode. The manually done assignments and presentations are now mostly being maintained in an online form widening the creative spectra of the students. In search of creating distinctive and stand-out projects, our learners are always looking out for unique 3D presentations and animations. Now the use of laptops, desktops, or mobile is just not limited to being a distraction, these gadgets are being explored way more in the search of explicit content for projects and research. 


Students from having one computer lecture once a week are now utilizing the technology in their everyday lives. The idea of being the hundreds of courses accessible just a click away is attracting thousands and millions of learners to learn about technology even more. From a very early age, kids are taking coding, HTML, C++, Java, Python, and other innumerable classes, comprehending technology and boosting up their problem-solving abilities. 


E-Learning made most of the otherwise expensive computer courses cost-efficient, encouraging more people to self-learn. Many tutorials are even presented online free of cost-saving time and money concurrently. For example, once an expensive skill like MS Excel is now common to the masses. 


As appealing as it sounds, E-learning is pushing people to be more digitally advanced. Knowledge about the working of MS and Google apps, once rare, is not considered extraordinary these days, compelling students to learn more skills and computer languages. To stand out from the crowd, a lot of people are learning courses like animations, app development, graphic designing, etc. 

E-learning made people realize the significance of being technologically advanced. As students are realizing that their technical knowledge can earn them a job they are keener to learn about it and E-learning being the irrefutably efficient method of learning makes it more appealing. So, nonetheless the stream and course of the student, He/She is ready to give technology a shot once in a while. Self-learning is not only about the course, in its way it teaches us many other vital skills.


Demand, Technology, and E-learning are the ultimate perpetual loop. None of them can exist without being interdependent on the other. As the demand for technology has spiked up in the last few years, students are inclining more towards some source that they can continue along with their regular school and college studies and E-learning seems the ultimate solution. But, for E-Learning too, students must have some kind of technological knowledge and from here this invincible loop begins of Demand, Technology, and Learning.


So, can we say that E-Learning has made us technologically sound? The answer is without hesitation, “Yes”.



Christen DSouza

4 months ago

Lovely article on the benefits of e-learning.

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